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Who Are We and How Are We Different?

"Gordon & Associates" is the informal name we use to refer to two separate firms: Gordon & Associates, P.A., CPAs and Gordon & Associates Financial Advisors, Inc. (a Registered Investment Adviser). We have a unique business model that takes a resourceful and innovative approach to assisting our clients.

Unlike traditional CPA firms, we are able to help clients with tax issues and help them to manage and grow their businesses. We accomplish this through two separate divisions. The Tax and Accounting Division provides traditional public accounting services to clients. The Business Advisory Services Division provides management and technological consulting services to the client.

In addition to our CPA firm, our sister firm Gordon & Associates Financial Advisors, Inc., has the ability to handle the personal financial planning and investment advisory needs of our clients. Comprehensive financial planning, investment, and wealth management services further our overall goal of servicing our clients.

Our approach allows us to work together with our clients in a comprehensive manner. Our clients learn about business management and successfully acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to grow their businesses. By working closely with our clients on different facets of the business, our CPA firm gains valuable insight that a traditional CPA would not have. This combination allows us to provide our clients with the best possible advice for their unique situation.